Workshop on the implementation of eCall in Greece

25 October 2011, Athens, Greece -

A workshop on the implementation of eCall in Greece took place on 25 October in Athens, Greece. It was organized within the framework of the activities of the National Research Project eKLISI ( whose basic objective is the implementation and demonstration of a national pilot application of eCall. The eKLISI project, which is coordinated by the Institute of Communication and Computing Systems (ICCS) with the participation of COSMOTE S.A. (Mobile Operator) and Space Hellas (SW and electronics SME), is expected to prepare Greece for the implementation of eCall service, which will be obligatory for all EU member-states from 2014, in parallel and in close collaboration with the related European project HeERO.

During this event, the actions of the Greek State for the implementation of eCall service were presented as well as an overview of the related European research project HeERO, which is seeking also to prepare nine European member-states, including Greece, for the implementation of eCALL service.  Moreover, the pilot implementation of eCall service in Czech Republic, which also participates in HeERO project, was also presented as a case study.

The event was attended by several Stakeholders from the public (Ministries, Emergency Services, Telecom Operators) and private sector of the country who took part in the constructive discussion about the implementation of the eCall service in Greece, the potential problems and the most efficient solutions.