Description of the pilot site and expected outcomes

Turkish pilot eCall system will be implemented and integrated into the existing 112 PSAP in Antalya. The existing PSAP and the planned eCall PSAP is going to operate without affecting each other. Any type of vehicle travelling through Antalya, equipped with an IVS, will be able to get support from this eCall service. After the pilot, Antalya 112 PSAP is planned to be the routing centre for eCalls nationwide. All the eCalls in the country will be gathered in Antalya 112 PSAP and routed to the other 112 PSAPs from there.

The methods, explained in EU standards and definitions will be implemented to differentiate eCalls from the regular emergency calls.  The eCall discrimination and routing will be implemented at network level by the MNO and FNO. Thus, the MNO will upgrade its Mobile Switching Centres by implementing the eCall discriminator software. For the handling of the eCalls, analyzing of the MSDs and visualization of the exact locations of the accidents several SW/HW upgrades will be applied to the PSAP.

During the pilot four vehicles equipped with IVS will be tested. Also the possibilities of cross-border interoperability will be investigated.


Turkey core pilot team

Member State Leader: Ministry of Interior
Contact points: Mr. Rahmi DOĞAN -
Mr. Niyazi AKGÜL -