About HeERO



The overall project objective of HeERO is to prepare for the deployment of the necessary infrastructure in Europe with the aim of making the harmonised Pan-European interoperable in-vehicle emergency call service "eCall" a reality. The implementation of the eCall service at European level should take into account two major conditions on which its successful operations will depend:

  • Interoperability and cross border continuity: the possibility for any vehicle from any European country travelling across Europe to use the Call service in case of a serious accident should be a service key driver. The interoperability issue covers not only the technical solution but also operations aspect.
  • Harmonisation: the eCall service can work properly across Europe only if developed in a harmonised way in the different countries, still respecting the different national implementations. The use of 112/E112 represents the first steps of this harmonised approach.

To address the interoperability and harmonisation dimensions of the eCall implementation, the following high level objectives have been identified for the European pre-deployment pilots:

  • Define operational and functional requirements needed to upgrade all eCall related service-chain parts (PSAPs-integrated rescue systems, telecommunication-112/E112, etc.) to handle eCall
  • Implement available Pan-European eCall related European standards
  • Implement needed technical and operational infrastructure upgrades
  • Identify possible use of eCall system for public and/or private value-added services
  • Produce the training materials for the eCall operators
  • Assess certification procedures related to the eCall services equipment in liaison with CEN Project Team
  • Produce recommendations for future eCall pre-deployment and deployment activities in Europe
  • Promote pilots results and best practices with other EU Member and Associated States not involved in HeERO pilot
  • Demonstrate interoperability and continuity of harmonised EU wide eCall service